Kafka Training at Irori Academy

Level Up Your Integration Team: Irori Launches Kafka Training Program

Great things are always done by a team. At Irori we’ve been helping customers develop, scale and operate Kafka over the past decade, always involving onboarding, on the job training and technical support. We are now excited to launch our Kafka training program, designed to give your team the skills to leverage Kafka effectively.

Traditional integration often falls short when it comes to scaled real-time data processing. Apache Kafka, a distributed streaming platform, is a powerful technology for handling high-volume data pipelines that enable real time automation of business use cases. At Irori we have helped dozens of organizations succeed with Kafka. The key to success is to establish a proficient integration team.

Here’s what the Kafka Training covers:


The purpose of Kafka, its strengths and weaknesses, and how it compares to traditional integration methods. Includes outlook of current trends and future directions in the Kafka space.


Looking under the hood to understand how capabilities combine to achieve processing and availability guarantees. This section also addresses common misconceptions.

Event-Driven Architecture:

Material covering how to achieve end-to-end EDA in the context of Kafka. We’ll explore integration patterns, event design, schema management, and error handling, helping you build robust and scalable event-driven systems that are essential to automate end user experience.

The Ecosystem:

How to integrate Kafka with other tools and technologies. We’ll cover built-in components like Kafka Connect and Streams, as well as popular third-party options like KSQL and Flink.


Deployment strategies for Kafka, including self-hosting, setting up a Kubernetes cluster, or utilizing a SaaS service, allowing you to choose the best fit for your needs.


Knowledge to manage and maintain your Kafka clusters effectively. We cover essential practices for ensuring reliability, stability, and security as your Kafka usage grows. We cover strategies to enable enterprise self service, observability and disaster recovery.

Participation in this Kafka Training will give your team a great start and boost your confidence needed to leverage Kafka Operations and Development.

If you want to know more please reach out to info@irori.se or contact us directly.