Integration Architect

Integration Architect
6 April, 2022 lmg

We make system integration easy!

We believe that when we do what we love, with people we trust, we are guaranteed to expand learning. And learning is the key to growth and impact as a team. Therefore, we work at a small scale with high trust to make effective decisions together.

Irori took its first steps in 2020 to become the leading systems integration company in the world. We now provide specialists, teams and software solutions that enable customer success with product development. We work with critical systems in finance, retail, telcom, medtech and government sectors where we enable high throughput, real-time event driven architecture.

At Irori

Our headquarter is based in Stockholm, but we also offer remote working as we have team members across Sweden. We aim to be the global leader in system integration and hire with this vision in mind. Our talented professionals ensure that we keep learning and growing continuously throughout the journey at Irori.

In addition to consulting, Irori develops commercial software in the area of streaming data services. Irori offers functionality for disaster recovery, schema registry, Kafka connect, observability and data governance.


We expect that you have a few years experience in system development. More importantly, you are passionate about learning how to apply innovative technologies for customer benefit. The technology landscape is always evolving and it is our job to explore and evaluate how to capture value from new technology.

The exact prerequisite skills are less important than your attitude towards learning and teamwork. We are a diverse team in terms of technical passions today, and this helps us to cover a wider set of considerations as we build solutions. We believe that mutual learning is the key to high performance.

Must have skills

  • C#, .NET6, Visual Studio, Git, CI/CD-tools such as Azure DevOps
  • SQL or document databases, REST APIs, at least one unit testing framework for .NET and at least one ORM framework
  • Development with cloud within either Azure, GCP or AWS
  • You speak English fluently, and Swedish at an intermediate level

Nice to have skills

  • Azure Functions, Azure App Services, Azure Service Bus
  • Infrastructure as code tools, such as Terraform or ARM templates.

The journey

We will provide you with qualified consulting assignments to match your level of experience. Most of the time you will be working in a team of colleagues as an integral part of a customer product team. On top of this, you will be offered the possibility to participate part time in in-house product development based on your personal interest. Irori ties continuous training to our product development which ensures everyone gets hands-on experience with new technologies. This keeps our knowledge base up to date, and gives us the experience to guide customers to successful technology adoption.

We work in a fully transparent culture and make decisions together.


We look forward to your application. We will review your application and book an interview if qualifications are met. If you have any questions please contact

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