Junior Software Engineer

Junior Software Engineer
24 November, 2021 lmg

Irori’s mission is to make systems integration easy. As the world moves toward pervasive connectivity we enable high throughput, real-time event driven architectures that make trusted data accessible for consumers. We work with critical systems in finance, retail, telecom, medtech and government sectors where we provide specialist skills and managed software for customers.

What will you do?

As a member of Irori, you will work with hands-on problem solving in application development, integration design, devops tooling and infrastructure as code. In addition to helping clients build successful digital products we invest in applied learning together. We run sandbox environments on GCP and Azure where we evaluate new technologies. We also build add-ons to the Kafka ecosystem and contribute to open source. Expect to work with the best colleagues in your field who are technically solid and dependable support.

As a junior developer we will make a customized plan to enable your long term growth. We will start with the basics of software craftsmanship and integration design principles and move on to particular technology applications. We move at a high but fair pace where we support and enable each other. We believe in scaling challenges by taking continuous steps beyond our comfort zone. We also believe that autonomy to choose is key to make the fun of work an integrated part of a fulfilling whole. Our enabler is trusting relationships.

Who are you?

You are a highly driven individual with sound judgment, critical thinking ability and a high capacity to learn. We believe that you share our values in order to enjoy the joy of a high trust culture. We value talent, work ethic and respectful social skills. Having the self esteem and courage to admit mistakes is something we encourage in order to help us learn. We believe competence and good arguments lead us to great solutions.

We believe in compounding growth both as individuals and as a team. This requires measured risk taking, long term determination and a well balanced lifestyle.


You are either pursuing a degree in engineering (Computer Science, Physics, IT, Electrical) with plans to graduate 2022, have completed your studies recently or have exceptional skills acquired by other means. You are passionate about systems development and/or cloud infrastructure and would like to build tomorrow’s technology landscape.

You speak Swedish and English fluently or have a firm determination to acquire practical proficiency soon.

The journey

Together we will develop broad skills to lead technological innovation in our chosen field. As we move forward we will work with and learn from an excellent team and add responsibilities to match our personal motivations. Initially we will focus on the basics of high quality systems design and development. From there we will specialize in one or more of our core areas. During these phases you will gain valuable experience from client teams. From there you can advance to senior consulting heading customer teams or entrepreneurial responsibilities within the Irori value stream. We will always match opportunities to individual motivations.


We look forward to your resume and cover letter.  We will review your application and book an interview with qualified candidates. If you have any questions please contact erik.forslid@irori.se.

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