Tech Lead

About us

We typically help customers to modernize service platforms and develop effective digital products. This can involve launching new financial products, enabling mobile payments for retail or simply making a set of core services more data driven. We work as technical specialists and organize complete product teams for customers.

In addition to consulting Irori develops commercial software for managed Kafka. We contribute to Apache open source and run our own sandbox environments based on OpenShift and GKE. We create product development roles as needed to fulfill our development roadmap.

We are based in Stockholm but also have team members across Sweden. We aim to be a leader in systems integration and hire with this vision in mind. Working with top level talent ensures continuous growth and learning.


We are seeking a Tech lead motivated by teamwork and drawn to innovative technologies. We work with customers within a wide range of industries, spanning from retail to government sectores, and we help them modernize service platforms and develop effective digital products. You role will be to lead a team of developers in order to drive, shape and grow the customer product development. We specialize in solutions based on Kafka and Kubernets and hope that you share our interest in these technologies.

This is a customer facing role, which means that you will handle the internal communications between your team and the customer. Thus, we see that you have a skilled ability to analyze customer needs and demands and in turn make them into user stories. Most importantly, we place heavy empasys on the leadership part of this role, we seek those that make it a priority that all team members are heard, understood and supported throughout the work. We believe that people are our greatest asset and we build our team around this principle.


We see that you have a few years of experience in systems development along with the knowledge and experience of leading teams. In our experience the greatest challenge in creating solutions is often our ability to collaborate and find appropriate trade offs as a team. This requires that you have social and communication skills not only to work effectively together but to actually motivate others and create a fun-filled collaborative culture.

A success factor for this role is great leadership skills: you are supportive, an exceptional listener and a great motivator. You’re an excellent communicator in both Swedish and English, and enjoy working closely across teams to reach the goals and objectives of your team. If you are an innovative thinker with an open mind and have a great passion for learning, you will be a great fit to our culture.

This is a customer facing role which requires skilled ability to analyze customer demands and needs. Due to the ever changing world, you should feel comfortable leading in a fast paced agile development process. Lastly, your exact prerequisite skills are less important than your attitude to learning. We are a diverse team in terms of technical passions today, and this helps us to cover a wider set of considerations as we build solutions.


  • Minimum of 5 years experience working with systems development
  • Experience being team leader over teams of up to 12 people
  • Knowledge and experience within microservices architecture
  • Fluency in English and Swedish

Bonus skills

Experience working as scrum master

The journey

We will ensure that you are in an environment where you can thrive and develop. Most of the time you will work with a team of colleagues as an integral part of a customer product team. On top of that, Irori ties continuos activities to learning and development which ensures everyone gets hands-on experience with new technologies. This keeps our knowledge base up to date, and gives us the ability to guide customers to successful technology adoption.

We work in a fully transparent culture and make decisions together.


We look forward to your application! If you have any questions please contact