Products from IRORI

Many organizations are facing increasing challenges in managing the flow of data across their IT systems. The world is moving toward hybrid environments with integrations between services on-prem and in different cloud providers which increases the need for robust and performant messaging. The overall purpose is to simplify messaging architecture to be reliable, cost effective and easily available for product teams who want to build engaging services faster.


At Irori we develop components that extend Apache Kafka to reduce both implementation time and complexity. We have used our collective experience to solve everyday challenges by developing open source tools for teams to download and start using. We also provide a supported version for teams that prefer assistance.

Claim Check

Claim check is an open source Kafka Interceptors library that handles large messages by implementing the Claim check pattern.


DLQman is an open source application that simplifies error handling in your Kafka integrations by handling messages that could not be processed by a consumer.