Irori Compliance Services

Organizations today handle and continuously generate large volumes of data. This ranges from operational meta-data such as application logs or login events to mission critical information such as bank account balance or transactions.

To be relevant for customers modern IT organizations need to enable agile development and short time to market. This capability is critically dependent on re-usability of services, patterns and applications. But how do we re-use data effectively?

We believe in giving back to our community. In the case of compliance we envision a way to share innovation across the sector, so that competition gets focused on customer satisfaction backed by secure due diligence for society as a whole.

Banking compliance

Banks face comprehensive compliance requirements from government regulators. Many of these requirements concern core data objects like customers, accounts and transactions that break down into 3 main categories:

  • Collecting data (e.g. customer KYC)
  • Analyzing data (e.g. AML risk scoring)
  • Reporting data (e.g. GoAML, Mekanismen)

At Irori, we have extensive experience realizing compliance solutions for banks. We have seen many cases of custom built, point-to-point solutions that might solve the immediate compliance challenge but have a negative long term impact on the overall architecture by scattering the data and introducing tight, implicit couplings that are costly to maintain.

Irori Compliance Services addresses this by taking a holistic approach to data supporting these three compliance categories. By using a dedicated data-platform, like Irori Streaming Data Platform, we can “plug-in” compliance components, typically in the form of a data reporting module for a particular governmental entity. Applying reusability design for this purpose saves significant time and resources from compliance efforts, to be diverted to develop improved customer experiences.

The solution

Irori offers a Streaming Data Platform to simplify data access for all organizational needs. This helps to cut time to market when developing modern digital services that require many data sources.

Independently of this data integration layer, Irori offers well architected, reusable components for compliance reporting needs. The benefit of these components is to reduce resource allocation for technical realization of compliance requirements. We have built these services for many clients over the years and gained an understanding for proactive, flexible design. Therefore we can adapt to fit the implementation guidelines of your organization.