Irori Streaming Data Platform

Many organizations are facing increasing challenges in managing the flow of data across their IT systems. The world is moving toward hybrid environments with integrations between services on-prem and in different cloud providers which increases the need for robust and performant messaging. The overall purpose is to simplify messaging architecture to be reliable, cost effective and easily available for product teams who want to build engaging services faster.

Irori + Medmera Bank customer case

At Irori we have seen that many organizations benefit from a common data platform to make data easily available to whoever needs it, decrease coupling between systems, and establish consistency in how data is published and consumed.

Irori Data Streaming Platform (ISDP) helps customers establish a modern data platform that scales with emerging needs. Our platform is based on Apache Kafka for messaging, and on top of that we have assembled tools and services to solve the common challenges with managing Kafka, the integrations and governance around a common data platform.

Platform capabilities

From working with Kafka in many different setups and use cases over several years, we have identified several key capabilities that a data platform must provide:

  • Provisioning – setting up the platform in a quick, automated and reproducible way
  • Messaging – the key capability for decoupled asynchronous integration
  • Security – enforce authentication and authorization of platform usage for different data flows and operations
  • Observability – the means to monitor, alert and troubleshoot the platform
  • Data Integration – the ability to integrate with common data sources and consumers
  • Self Service – empower developer teams to manage topics, and users under controlled policies
  • Schema Management – document and formalize the data schemas for your organization
  • Data governance – define the naming conventions and approval policies for your data flows
  • Disaster recovery – protect against disaster scenarios with replicated clusters

Key values for organization stakeholders

At Irori we have experience helping customers establish effective product teams in Online Retail, Payments, Loans, Telecom Subscription Automation, Medtech and Government. A cost effective and highly scalable messaging solution is key to accelerate delivery of engaging services to users. Management can rely on dependable release schedules that support business strategy. Analysts have real time access to all data sources, enabling implementation of AI and machine learning models. Developers can take pride in building good products based on easy access to data. Operations can utilize automation features of cloud architecture and continue to improve flexibility, cost and platform reliability. In our experience the overall effect is a significant shortening of time to market from business initiative to valuable user experience.

Irori + Coop customer case