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The purpose of infrastructure is to facilitate value-creating development work. What was previously difficult or impossible can now be done at the touch of a button for instant changes with full traceability.

At Irori, we work with Kubernetes, which gives us declarative infrastructure as code. Properly tailored to our business needs, we can rationalize away time-wasting bottlenecks and achieve a new level of both control and flexibility.

As always, building quality from the ground up applies. We work with provisioning, scaling, security, monitoring, identity management, disaster recovery and capacity planning. When we build the right services on the right infrastructure, the joy of both users and technology teams grows.

Customer case

Automated service infrastructure

Automated service infrastructure enables fast, effective service deployment in private, hybrid or public cloud platforms. This means continuously improving products for end users.

Take the lead in a competitive market by continuous innovation. Our solution removes lead time and shortens feedback cycle when releasing new services. Empower product teams to go to market faster.

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The purpose of infrastructure is to facilitate development work that creates value.

Feature implementation

Effective system development is about building the right function in the right way.

Streaming Data

Every click, database update, or movement generates events that drive the business and create opportunities.