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We have extensive experience in building service layers for successful digital products. Users today expect flexible integrated services, which require handling growing data volumes in real-time.

For us, Kafka is a reliable technology that meets the integration requirements of the future. Through modernization, we achieve faster deliveries, better utilization of data and responsive customer service.

With a clear vision for our digital services and products, effective integration becomes a decisive success factor. Easy access to data gives us services that solve the customer’s entire needs and create truly innovative ones user experiences.

Customer case

Event driven digital retail

With Event Streaming for retail we let customer events drive service delivery. Engage seamlessly in store, in mobile device or from home with personalized context. Select payment method freely. Add new services rapidly at low cost.

Manage logistics and returns in real time. Access digital receipts, send gifts, provide recommendations and utilize discounts to expand value experience.

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The purpose of infrastructure is to facilitate development work that creates value.

Feature implementation

Effective system development is about building the right function in the right way.

Streaming Data

Every click, database update, or movement generates events that drive the business and create opportunities.