Join the IRORI team

We believe that a great company is built by great people, and we aim to create an environment where everyone can thrive. We’re committed to helping our team members learn and develop new skills, and we foster an environment where experts are encouraged to share their knowledge with others. We make it a priority to travel somewhere remote at least two times per year in order to create opportunities for us to try new things, like snowmobiling or surfing. We have a variety of fun and challenging initiatives that encourage camaraderie, learning, and collaboration.

Our recruitment process

1. First impression

Culture, vision and values comes first. Understanding who we are and who you are is the first step, and we hope to give you a good understanding of the role and team culture.

2. Tech discussion

What better way to know what it’s really like to work at Irori than to talk tech with a developer? This is also your chance to share your knowledge about code, tech and more.

3. Final insights

Last step is meeting with one or two colleagues. You’ll have the opportunity to pick their brains and talk final details about Irori. We’ll discuss the journey at Irori and what it holds for you.

4. Decision time

We make an offer and you decide! After that, the journey at Irori begins and we intend to give you the best possible start to make you feel welcomed from day one!

We believe in teamwork!

Irori launched in 2020 to become the leading systems integration company in the world. We aim to achieve this by combining expert competence, transparency, and a unique business approach. We work with critical systems in finance, retail, telecom, medtech and government sectors where we provide specialist skills and managed software for customers.

We are currently expanding our team and are looking for people with experience in Kafka and Kubernetes. The most important factor is that we share values, interests, and a never-ending passion for learning.

Do you like to work in teams? Awesome!
We like small scale and high trust, to make effective decisions together.

Are you eager to learn new things? Great!
We monitor emerging technologies continuously, and we contribute to open source and evolve our skillsets through our collective experience and insights.

Want to know more?
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