At Irori we believe in teamwork!

People and relationships are our greatest asset. We like small scale and high trust to make effective decisions together.

Irori launched in 2020 to become the leading systems integration company in the world. We provide specialists, teams and software solutions that help customers succeed with critical initiatives in product development.

We work with advanced system landscapes where we apply technology to help our customers improve value. We monitor emerging technologies continuously, we contribute to open source and we evolve our skillsets and software offerings based on our experience and insights. Working closely with our customers expands our understanding of business realities and end user experiences.

Currently we partner with Red Hat and Google with focus on Event Driven Architectures and Container Orchestration. We run product development within the Kafka and Kubernetes ecosystems.

When we do what we love, with people we trust, we are guaranteed to expand learning. And learning is the key to growth and impact as a team.

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